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How To Choose Pool Table Felt

Your abode is finally coming together but there’s something missing, and you can’t quite figure it out… A pool table is the perfect addition to incorporate design and put together a room and larger living space! It’s fun for all ages and a great way to get the family together and entertain your guests. Coming to the conclusion that you need a billiards table is step one, now you can browse through all the impressive felt colors and designs that we offer at Mitchell Pool Tables!

Pool Table with Cover 

Pool table felt essentially decides how your billiards games will forever play, so you want to make sure you’re getting the utmost quality felt! At Mitchell Pool Tables, our pool tables’ felt are made from 75% wool and 25% nylon, ensuring durability, speed and paramount protection against any spills or stains encountered while enjoying your time around your new pool table. 

The tight weaves of the fabric in the pool table felt give players more precision and better playability whereas napped or worn felt would obviously worsen the overall experience.  

The makeup of Mitchell Pool Table felt covers resemble the feel of a brand-new pool table and grants for smoother, effortless movement from pool ball to pocket every time! 

Each pool table felt cover comes with pre-cut rail material to ensure a quicker, seamless installation and Mitchell Pool Tables’ installation will guarantee premier satisfaction so you can luxuriate in your pool table as much as possible! 

Mitchell Pool Tables offers an abundant color palette and perfect product for in-home pool table felt cloth covers! The color selection that we display has the ability to be translated onto any of our many offered pool table styles which have various unique characteristics such as size, finish and wood material. 

Pool table felt colors are available in: Red, Burgundy, Wine, Brick, Aztec, Brown, Golden, Khaki, Camel, Taupe, Olive, Black, Tournament Green, Dark Green, Bottle Green, English Green, Titanium, Charcoal, Purple, Navy, Academy Blue, Euro Blue, Electric Blue, and Steel Grey

Our sleek pool table felt colors combined with the contemporary, traditional, industrial or modern ambiances and home-decor styles will fit any lifestyle desired, and ultimately impeccably fuse together your space for you and your guests to enjoy! 

Let us intrigue you with Mitchell Pool Tables' fine work:

Purple Felt

The pop of purple brings the spaces together just right, even though the styles of both homes are vastly different!

Camel Felt

The camel-colored felt that we offer is just a shade darker than beige, but invites a comforting, cozy hue to your space.

Steel Grey Felt

Our steel grey felt is one of the most popular, and you can easily see why! The modern, contemporary feel of both spaces invites this darker-grey shade to bring the rooms' energy together.

Khaki Felt

The perfect way to describe our khaki-colored felt is that it's a color between our camel and steel grey felt color options. Best described as a light grey, our khaki felt is universal and can be put in any room in your home!

Charcoal Black Felt

Our black charcoal felt is appropriate whether you're looking for a pool table in your home or business!

Navy Blue Felt

The navy blue felt color option that we offer is quintessential in a game room!

Academy Blue Felt

This academy blue felt is the ideal combination of navy blue and steel grey. Subtle, yet casually luxurious.

Euro Blue Felt

If your space could use a pop of color, our euro blue felt color will wake any room up just the right amount.

Golden Felt

The burst of energy from this golden colored felt is immense yet soothing as its combined with the grey interior.

Burgundy Felt

Our burgundy felt is the perfect red and bolt of intensity, heightening the energy best in a game room setting.

Brick Felt

Our brick colored felt and its copper hue can bring together a dining and common room area effortlessly.

Aztec Felt

A more casual shade like our aztec felt option will subtly combine your spaces overall ambiance for a chill, relaxing feel.

As you can see… Any color felt option that Mitchell Pool Tables offers our clients is guaranteed to provide an extraordinarily unique style to any space! 

Our felt color options are one-of-a-kind and will give your space an original and customized feel, no matter what your home's interior design vibe is and if we didn't entice you enough, feel free to browse our website to view more options on the pool table felt colors that we offer!

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