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How to Get Better at Pool

Whether you’re simply getting acquainted or trying to be a champion at billiards, there are a few ways to sharpen your pool game skills.

How to be Better at Pool

Becoming a better pool player starts with practice and consistency, along with these other helpful tips:

Practice Your Grip

Billiard beginners can make the mistake of gripping the cue too tight.

While it is natural to believe gripping the cue tighter gives your shot better precision and control, it doesn’t.

A light, loose grip is better because a tight grip can cause the tip of the cue to rise too high or drop too low when shooting.

Obviously, this makes it challenging to execute an accurate and straight shot.

To prevent this from happening, hold the cue as lightly as it rests on your fingers.

Focus on Your Shooting Stance

Your shooting stance is one of the most essential aspects of your shot.

Keep your front and rear foot shoulder-width apart while keeping your back foot at a 45-degree angle, and your front foot pointed straight.

This should make you feel stable and comfortable.

When you lean forward to take a shot, keep your head level over your cue. Transferring some of your weight to your bridge hand to form a tripod with both of your feet will help your stance feel more stable as well.

Once you have your stance down, practice moving around the table and take shots from different angles to ensure that your stance still feels comfortable.

Align Your Body

Accurately hitting the ball requires proper body alignment.

For proper alignment, your head, eyes, stroking arm and cue should all be lined up in the direction of your target ball.

When practicing your alignment, keep your head and sightline low and straight with your aiming line.

Take some practice shots until your alignment feels right by hitting the ball across the table to the opposite corner pocket, while trying to stay perfectly centered.

Imagine the Billiards Ball’s Path

The path to your pocket isn’t always obvious. However, you should always know which pocket you’re attempting to sink and focus on the center of the target pocket when lining up for your shot.

Visualize a line running from the center of the ball to the center of the target pocket.

Also, make sure that you understand where you need to hit the ball to get it into the pocket, as it is not always a straight shot.

Swing Like a Pendulum

Your shooting arm needs to be still in order to keep your entire body in alignment.

Avoid moving your upper arm too much when shooting by envisioning the upper and lower parts of your shooting arm as a swinging pendulum.

Below your elbow, your shooting arm should swing back and forth to take the shot while keeping your upper arm still throughout the process.

To achieve this, keep your shooting hand directly under your elbow when holding the cue.

The lower part of your arm should swing past your elbow when striking the ball, creating a swinging movement similar to a pendulum.

Practice Your Bridges

If you’re new to the game of pool, your bridge is your non-shooting hand that you use to slide the cue into the ball.

Your bridge is also one of the most vital factors of your shot and overall game.

Keep in mind that if you’re inconsistent with your bridge, your pool game will suffer.

For most players, there are two types of bridges, the closed bridge and the open bridge.

Closed Bridge: Typically used by advanced players who strike the ball harder.

Open Bridge: Better suited for average players who have a softer shot.

Open Bridge Tips:

  1. Firmly press the fingers of your non-shooting bridge hand on the table, while pressing your thumb and forefinger together to create a “V” shape.

  2. Place the end of the cue on the “V” and use your thumb and index finger to guide the shot.

  3. You can lower or raise the bridge by adjusting the angles of your fingers if needed. The goal is to use your fingers to create a solid foundation for your cue.

How to Improve Pool Game

Whether you’re a pro and newbie to billiards, there are many tips on improving your game.

Practice and consistency are two key factors to getting better at the game of pool, along with our other tips.

  • Keep your body aligned,

  • Have a light cue grip,

  • Focus on your shooting stance,

  • Practice your bridges,

  • Imagine the ball’s path, and

  • Swing like a pendulum.

From custom pool table designs to billiard game tips, Mitchell Pool Tables has everything you need to enjoy the entertaining game of billiards.

For more information, visit us on our website.

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Violet Willow
Violet Willow
May 10, 2023

Great article on improving pool skills! Loved the practical tips & emphasis on practice. Looking forward to trying them out.Pool tables for saleThank you for sharing!

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