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Traditional Pool Tables

The Nautilus

Traditional meets chic.


At Mitchell Pool Tables, we cater to your exact design preferences in order to engineer some of the finest billiard tables the world has ever seen. Have the ability to entertain your guests and transform the look of any room in your residential or commercial space with our high-end pool tables.


The Nautilus is our traditional pool table model whose coastal style is dubbed “Hamptons” with its light, airy color palettes, and cool neutral shades that are inspired by the sea. Enjoy all that The Nautilus has to offer through its chic aesthetics and durable characteristics, the combination makes for the ultimate pool table.


Mitchell Pool Tables' traditional pool table model is easily a fan favorite. Clients enjoy that it looks sleek and trendy, yet traditional and classic, so it can add a subtle pop of décor in any space without overdoing it. The Nautilus is a simple addition to any location that is looking to fill its space with something entertaining and aesthetically pleasing, so show off to your friends and family with our traditional pool table model, The Nautilus.


Exquisite Craftsmanship


The Nautilus was crafted to be nothing short of a masterpiece. Mitchell Pool Tables wanted to engineer a traditional pool table that will bring any room to life, by combining a fusion of style and elegance. The Nautilus’ design utilizes mostly wooden materials for its body, legs and sides, and its one leg is expertly crafted to have a “spiral” effect which impressively creates an illusion at first glance. Our innovative technologies and engineers at Mitchell Pool Tables have mastered the creation of our traditional pool table, so you can house it in any space to add the perfect amount of trendy décor.


Perfect Leveling


What’s the point of a pool table if it doesn’t have perfect leveling? Without perfect leveling, a quality pool table is impossible to achieve. The Nautilus creates a spiral illusion with its unique design but don’t let that fool you, our traditional pool table acquires the sturdiest materials to ensure a harmonious, balanced playing surface. Customize our traditional pool table model with our offered structural frame options that allow The Nautilus to be perfectly aligned.


Matching Pockets


The Nautilus may be our traditional pool table, but there is nothing quite traditional or average about it. The matching pockets throughout The Nautilus create a consistent and smooth effect on the traditional pool table’s chic appearance. If you have another material other than felt in mind for your billiard pockets, ask Mitchell Pool Tables and we’d be glad to explore some other options.


Durable Materials


Similar to perfect leveling, durable materials are required for a quality pool table and that’s just what we used to engineer The Nautilus. Our traditional pool table has a thick, spiral core that allows its surface to be steady and sturdy for a fair playing field, every single time. The Nautilus can be hand-rubbed in a variety of finishes from matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high-glass, depending on your preferences, and the wooden color stains are offered in pecan, white, grey and natural.


High-Quality Playing Field


Mitchell Pool Tables strives for perfection with every pool table that we create. We’ve precisely engineered The Nautilus through trial and error to have nothing short of the finest playing surface with our 1” three-piece Brazilian slates, so that our clients can enjoy their traditional pool table for a lifetime.


Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss or High Gloss

All finishes are hand rubbed


Our slate is a 1" three piece Brazilian slate that bolts through the frame and top rail for the finest playing surface


Pub Size 7'

Professional Size 8'

Tournament Size  9'

Wood Material

Russian Birch - Available in 4 different stain colors

Structural Frame

Mitchell Pool Tables are built using either a solid 2" Solid Poplar frame or a Solid Aluminum frame for our cantilever style tables.

Cloth Colors

Championship Cloth 

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