The Catalina Pool   Table

Our signature model with an endless design.


At Mitchell Pool Tables, we have a wide variety of pool table models to cater to anyone’s design preferences and needs. Our quality pool tables can transform the look of any and every room in your residential or commercial space.


The Catalina is our ultra-modern pool table model whose cantilever style appears to defy gravity. The Catalina is designed with nothing less than pure perfection and balance, so that your billiards game can be just as enjoyable and entertaining as it was when you first played on The Catalina.


This ultra-modern pool table is one of the most popular models that clients pick to take home with them, and its sleek characteristics and clean, rigid edges prove exactly why. The Catalina is an ultra-modern pool table that simultaneously features both style and class. This billiards table was exclusively designed to add just the right amount of modernism into a space without taking away the satisfaction and excitement of playing billiards on a premium pool table from Mitchell Pool Tables.


High-Quality Playing Field


At Mitchell Pool Tables, we never compromise on our quality. We’ve exquisitely engineered The Catalina to have nothing short of the finest playing surface, so that our clients can get the same enjoyment and quality out of playing on The Catalina even numerous years down the line. The felt material that we use to cover the top of this ultra-modern pool table can also endure any spills or knicks to last a lifetime. The surface is made from a 1” three-piece Brazilian slate that bolts through the top rail to create the highest-quality playing field.


Matching Pockets


The Catalina speaks luxury. The matching pockets create an effortless, harmonious effect to the ultra-modern pool table’s elite appearance. Do you have a material other than felt in mind for your billiard pockets? Ask Mitchell Pool Tables and we’ll do our best to design your next ultra-modern pool table to your exact preferences.


Exquisite Craftsmanship


The Catalina is the definition of impeccable craftsmanship. The precise details, clean edges, and smooth lines of this ultra-modern pool table can only be designed by an expert engineer. The polished appearance of the Catalina will bring any room to life, without overwhelming the rest of the space’s ambiance. Whether you choose to stick to metallic components, wooden materials, or a fusion of both, Mitchell Pool Tables will utilize cutting-edge technologies to engineer the perfect ultra-modern pool table for any room in your residential or commercial space.


Perfect Leveling


A perfectly horizontal playing field is the one characteristic that is required for a quality pool table. Although its cantilever design might make it seem uneven at first glance, The Catalina was made with the sturdiest materials to guarantee harmonious and balanced movements throughout its playing surface. Customize our ultra-modern pool table model to your exact liking with our offer structural frame options that allow this billiards and its playing field to be perfectly aligned.


Durable Materials


The Catalina has a thick, cantilever core that allows its playing surface to be balanced in a sturdy manner. This ultra-modern pool table can be hand-rubbed in a variety of finishes: matte, satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss. The durable materials used to create a masterpiece like The Catalina are nothing short of the best, and ultimately add to its stability and pleasing aesthetics.



Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss or High Gloss

All finishes are hand rubbed


Our slate is a 1" three piece Brazilian slate that bolts through the frame and top rail for the finest playing surface


Pub Size 7'

Professional Size 8'

Tournament Size  9'

Wood Material

Available in your choice of hand selected hardwoods and veneers. Choices include, but not limited to Mahogany, Sapele, Oak, Maple, Cherry and Walnut

Structural Frame

Mitchell Pool Tables are built using either a solid 2" Solid Poplar frame or a Solid Aluminum frame for our cantilever style tables.

Cloth Colors

Championship Cloth 

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