Pool Table Colors

Mitchell Pool Tables provides an expanded color palette and perfect product for in-home pool
table cloth covers. Our color selection has the capability to be translated onto any of our offered
pool tables, with each of their many characteristics such as size, finish, and wood material.

We offer a wide array of cloth covers

We provide colors to make your pool table fit any lifestyle desired. This selection of colors is
fitting for various styles of pool tables, such as contemporary, traditional, and modern esque
home styles.

Pool Table Color Felt

Cloth color options available in: (red, burgundy, wine, brick, aztec, brown, golden, khaki, camel,
taupe, olive, black, tournament green, dark green, bottle green, english green, titanium,
charcoal, purple, navy, academy blue, euro blue, electric blue, and steel grey)

Pool Table Felt Colors

Pool table color selector | Mitchell Pool

All of our cloth covers are made from 75% Woolen and 25% Nylon, making these pool table
cloth covers perfect for the utmost protection against any spills and stains encountered while
enjoying time around your pool table. The makeup of these cloth covers grants for smoother,
effortless movement from pool ball to pocket, resembling the feel of a brand new pool table and
each cloth cover comes with pre-cut rail material to ensure a quicker, seamless installation

Pool Table Color Combinations

Our sleek pool table designs pair exceptionally well with any of our offered colors, and provide
an extraordinarily unique style to any room. Colors such as euro blue and aztec create an
original and customized feel that are ever-so sought after. Check out our latest arrivals for
inspiration on how you can make your pool table represent you and your interior design.


Our newest design, The Prizm , is an outstanding example of how to style the previously
mentioned color, euro blue. In an effort to make your pool experience the best it can be, we are
confident that choosing one of our offered colors will take your table to new levels. Whether it be for replacement or customization, Mitchell Pool Tables will offer up the best experience