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Pool Table Room Ideas

When you invest in a billiards table, you need to have a vision and space designated for it.

Sometimes, having a vision is challenging and homeowners get caught up in the issues of transforming an entire area to a gaming room.

You don’t necessarily need to place your billiards table in an entertainment room, you simply need to put it where you have enough space and still feel comfortable playing the game.

Having a room that is large enough is vital. However, if you don’t, there are still ways to make a billiards table fit into your interior décor to be as stylish and entertaining as possible.

Ideas for Pool Table Room

Whether you’re placing your new billiards table in the living room, den, basement or wherever else, there are plenty of ways to make it appealing, yet enjoyable:

Penthouse Living

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

The Excalibur pool table was elegantly placed in a minimalist, albeit large, penthouse.

The billiards table is the attention of the room while the other pieces of furniture allow the players to chill and take a breather.

This room is minimally designed but plenty large for the billiards table to fit and for the game to be enjoyed.

Abstract Vibes

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

This abstractly chic game room dedicated an entire room for the Excalibur to be enjoyed.

The pool table matches the interior design and gives the room a purpose, otherwise it would just be a spare room with mirrors.

Game Room Basement

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

This design is a perfect example of a remodeled basement where you can spend your time at the bar, playing pool or cheering for your favorite sports team.

The room isn’t overly large, but there is still plenty of space for the Catalina pool table to be placed just far enough from the sectional.

Dining Room Takeover

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

If you have no idea where to put your new pool table but you have plenty of space to work with, put it next to your dining/living room area.

The Catalina pool table can be enjoyed on a daily basis in a room where you spend much of your time anyways.

Placing a billiards table in a space where you mostly reside will encourage you to use it more often.

Entertainment Bar

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

This modern-meets-retro basement includes the perfect combination of colors to make the interior design look unparalleled.

While the Catalina pool table requires a decent amount of space, this room isn’t huge but is just big enough to place the billiards table where it is.

Cabin Fever

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

The Miami pool table was custom designed with dark colors and wooden and steel accents to match the style of this cabin-styled game room.

As you can see, there are other forms of entertainment in this room, so the pool table may not be the main source of entertainment. However, it adds to space just enough to make the interior design stand out.

Retro Minimalist

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

The Cabo Pool Table was exquisitely designed and paired with this retro living area.

As a whole, the space is minimal and only includes a few pieces of furniture. Although, the pool table brings the entire room together.

Traditional Meets Modern

Pool Table Room Ideas | Ideas for Pool Table Room

When you first see this space, you’ll notice that it’s a traditional-meets-modern styled room. The furniture is very modern while the pictures and décor are more traditional.

The Cabo pool table fits right into this room with its wooden finish, steel-grey colors and metal accents.

Notice that this space also isn’t overly large, but just big enough to fit the pool table in the middle of the room.

Pool Table Room Layout

At Mitchell Pool Tables, we custom design and build the pool table that you’ve always wanted for your home.

Once you’ve dedicated an area of your space to a billiards table, we’ll create it to match your exact preference and style.

Whether your style is modern, traditional, classic or retro, Mitchell Pool Tables has a billiards table that’ll add to your interior design and entertainment.

For more information on our pool tables, contact us on our website.

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Ethan Aiden
Ethan Aiden
May 05, 2023

Great article! As someone who has always been fascinated by pool tables, I really enjoyed reading this.

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