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What are Pool Tables Made of? 

A piece of furniture that’s enjoyable, useful and exceptionally stylish! Entertain your guests and fuse your space’s ambiance in the most elegant, chic manner with Mitchell Pool Tables!

A pool table is the perfect addition to exquisitely blend the style of a room or larger living space! Mitchell Pool Tables offers various pool table models based on what you’re interested in but first, let’s walk through what pool table materials are required in order to finally incorporate the design that you’ve been looking for in your space!

Pool Table Material 

No matter where you purchase a pool table, you’ll notice that most pool table models essentially engineered from similar materials and structures.

All structural pool table frames at Mitchell Pool Tables are built using either a solid 2” Poplar (solid hardwood) frame or a solid Aluminum frame for our more modern, cantilever-style pool tables. All of our finishes are hand rubbed and offered in natural, matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss on any material!

The slate of the pool table is essentially the interior surface that you’re playing billiards on, although it’s covered in a felt-like material. At Mitchell Pool Tables, we use a 1” three-piece Brazilian slate that bolts through the frame and top rail for the finest playing surface for all of our pool tables.

We have a variety of materials for your next pool table’s structural frame and slate to where you’re able to customize the base, rail tops, aprons, pockets and everything else to your exact liking!

At Mitchell Pool Tables, we offer:

· Chemetals 

o Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless Steel, and more!

· Wood & Veneers 

o Mahogany, Sapele, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and more!

· Glass

· Leather

Whether you’re interested in wood, metal, glass or leather, at Mitchell Pool Tables we’ll entice you with the opportunity to customize your new pool table. Our pool table technicians will engineer your abode’s next statement piece to your exact liking through precise detail and pure artistry.

Custom Pool Table

At Mitchell Pool Tables, we offer twelve different pool table models, so it’s safe to say that you’re bound to find a design that catches your eye!

Take a look at a few!

Ultra-Modern Pool Table – The Catalina

This ultra-modern, cantilever-style pool table was designed with a grey lacquer top rail and Rift Oak veneer. The Catalina is always engineered with the utmost perfection and balance.

Ultra-Contemporary Pool Table – The Monaco

This contemporary-styled pool table has a white lacquer base and apron, as well as a high-gloss, black lacquer top rail. This framework design for The Monaco is available in a variety of finishes, but not limited to, Polished Chrome, Black Stainless Steel and High-Gloss Lacquer. 

Coastal Pool Table – The Nautilus

This “Hamptons” style pool table’s apron and base is made of Russian Birch, while the top rail is made of Walnut. The Nautilus’ design features light color palettes with cool neutral shades inspired by the sea. The Russian Birch offered for this pool table design is offered in four colors – pecan, white, grey and natural.

Traditional Pool Table – The Cabo

Our traditional pool table with the solid Maple natural finish takes a contemporary twist by incorporating the chemetal throughout the aprons and bases.

Industrial Pool Table – The New Yorker

Your space doesn’t have to be as modern as you’d think in order to incorporate an industrially styled pool table like this one! The New Yorker is one of our most-innovative models and here we used solid Walnut rail tops and aprons, ½ tempered glass, LED lighting, and stainless steel for the cables and bases.

Art Deco Pool Table – The Miami

This pool table’s mirror-polished stainless steel bases and white lacquer rail tops and aprons represent luxury, glamour and exhilaration for all spaces! 

Modern Stainless Steel Pool Table – The Mirage

The Mirage emphasizes the blending of technology and art with its stainless steel aprons, Maple rail top and Maple base in this classy, innovative design.

Leather Pool Table – The Milano

Mitchell Pool Tables offers various colors if you’re interested in The Milano model. Here we used white leather rail tops and aprons with a mirror-polished finish for the stainless steel legs and corners.

Glass and Art Pool Table – The Vue

The use of steel, glass and cutting-edge methods create a stunning piece of art like The Vue in your home. Here we used solid Maple for the rail tops, bases and aprons, stainless steel for the V bases, and orange LED lights for a pop of color.

At Mitchell Pool Tables, we offer a variety of materials to use throughout any and all pool table models! Our mission is to create a masterpiece that will essentially integrate the style and design of any space! Let us make your pool table represent you and your interior design.

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