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  • Matthew Sherman

Pool Table Stance

Pool Shot Stance

This may be the most important article you'll ever read as a pool player. Aligning your cuestick correctly, your body comfortable and head in place, (seeing the shot ahead accurately) is vital to your billiards success.

99% of casual players line up improperly at the pool table. Pictured here are the step-by-step wrong and right ways to stand to the pool table. To my knowledge, this information has never before appeared elsewhere.

The Most Important Item in Pool

Starting (incorrectly) with "head over the shot". Photo (c) Matt Sherman

I frequently see the same two stance mistakes, so I will take you through the beginner's thought process before I demonstrate how the pros set to the shot (most of the pool pros). There are exceptions to each pool rule but most players reading this article will see their pool games immediately show great improvement with this method. Try all three methods (the two wrong ways and the right way) to prove my point, as have many of my clinic students to their amazement and delight.

Most players have heard the adage, "Shoot pool with your head over the cuestick, like sighting down a rifle." Therefore, the pool beginner puts their head straight behind the shot, as illustrated here. The cue ball needs to be hit straight into the maroon 7-ball. All is well until one bends down to shoot.

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